• PCB Layout/Design Services

    PCB Layout Services

    I specialize in Autodesk Eagle PCB. have strong skills in RF, analog and digital microcontroller based type designs. I can help you bring your design to market quickly with professional results. I have worked on a number of designs certified with UL, CE and passed FCC emissions inspections. I strive to provide fast, accurate and cost effective solutions to small businesses that need products developed and ready to target markets quickly!

  • Embedded Development

    Embedded Development Services

    I've been doing firwmare and embedded development projects since the mid-80's. Today I mainly work with Texas Instruments 32-bit ARM and Atmel 8-bit microcontrollers. Current design work is focused around the Texas Instruments Tiva TM4C128 and TM4C1294 series ARM M4 processors. I have wide multi-tasking and RTOS based design experience and can help you bring your designs to market quickly and professionally.

  • Alibre MCAD Design Services

    Mechanical Design Services

    I provide small scale 3D/2D mechanical design services using Alibre 3D CAD. I have been working with Alibre heavily the past five years and have found this to be an excellent tool with very powerful 3D features. Alibre brings high-end 3D CAD and sheet metal capabilities to small scale design. The drawings and 3D images in the MCAD area were all created in Alibre.

  • Prototype Assembly/Testing

    Prototype Assembly Services

    Often times prototypes are needed to verify a design and support hardware and software development efforts. Our shop is equipped with a PCB microscope, Metcal solder/rework station, hot air station and most other tools needed to assemble small scale one-off prototypes. Please contact me directly to discuss any prototype assembly requirements you might have.