About Me

I began my career in software development writing automated test systems firmware and software. I then moved into commercial Windows software development and developed Windows based software for nearly 20 years. This work included much of the Win32 API programming and device driver development.

During this same period, I began using Eagle PCB heavily for all of my audio related projects and now have over fifteen years of experience using Eagle. Although my work background has been mainly in software, I have worked on and with a number of professional hardware development teams over the past twenty five years at various companies developing commercial products full time.

After many years in the development trenches, I set out to work full time as an independent contractor. I have been working as a full time contractor for over fourteen years and work with a number of commercial clients. I also have my own business, RTZ Professional Audio, that produces professional audio equipment on a limited production basis. All of the PCB's in my audio gear were designed and built in Eagle.

Please contact me directly for a copy of my resume. I will be happy to provide numerous professional references available upon request.