Embedded Development

I've worked with a number of small/mid sized hardware companies over the years that develop commercial products in a broad range of fields including fire, water and gas sensors and detectors. Some of these products include wireless VHF, UHF, RFID, WiFi and other RF and telemetry board designs. We completed over 20 products that subsequently passed through UL certification in the fire/alarm industry.

I have over 20 years software development experience in C/C++. Recently I completed a digital transport/servo controller product for vintage professional 2 analog studio tape deck recorders. The hardware and firmware are based on the Texas Instruments ARM M4 Tiva TM4C128 and TM4C1294 micro-controllers. The system firmware and bootloader firmware were all developed in Code Composer Studio v7 (Eclipse based). I selected TI-RTOS to use as the RTOS for ease of peripheral integration and it's long history as the former SYS/BIOS product popular with the Texas Instruments DSP line.

The controller/servo firmware is fully multi-tasking and controls all modes of tape transport operation as well as real-time constant tension servo control tape handling. The reel motors are fitted with magnetic quadrature encoders providing reel motor tachometer and direction information. Shuttle modes make use of a floating point PID algorithm for velocity control with feedback included from analog tension sensor inputs as well.

Recent Projects