Sheet Metal Design and 3D Modeling

I provide small systems 3D/2D mechanical design work services using Alibre 3D CAD software. I have been working with Alibre heavily the past six years and have found this to be an excellent tool with very powerful 3D capabilities for those on a limited budget.

The bulk of mechanical design work I've done so far has involved sheet metal and enclosure design work. I've designed a variety of 19" rack type and modular enclosures along with other general electronic enclosures. I've also designed test fixtures for loading firmware and testing of circuit boards in the final factory production stages.

Alibre brings high-end 3D CAD capabilities to small scale designers in need of 3D CAD features. The sheet metal package offers comprehensive features and support for designing custom enclosures or any sheet metal related project.

The drawings and 3D images provided here were all created in Alibre and illustrate some of the basic mechanical design work that I offer. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any enclosure type design work you might need.

3D Model Samples

  • Hydro-King
  • Power Supply

Modeling with Alibre 3D CAD

The powerful 3D features of Alibre are suitable for small scale design of injection molded, CNC machined or 3D printed parts. Alibre supports the most popular formats (STEP, IGES, STL, etc) used for 3D design work.

I have some experience with injection molded parts and have worked with a few tooling places to have injection molded parts designed. All of the drawings and 3D images provided here were created in Alibre and illustrate some of the basic mechanical design work that I offer.

Sheet Metal Design Service

I specialize in small sheet metal enclosure design, primarily for electronic type enclosures and smaller metal work assemblies. Many customers need to integrate printed circuit boards with custom sheet metal enclosures that require precision design features and tolerances.

Sheet metal work typically requires specialized laser cutting equipment and programming. We work with PCI ProCoaters Inc locally for nearly all of our metal fabrication services and find they deliver excellent craftsmanship and work. We've maintained a close working relationship with PCI over the years and highly recommend their services.