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I have been an active Eagle user for around fourteen years. I first started using Eagle with the early Windows releases and also served as a beta tester for many of the early Windows releases. Since this time I have created thousands of library components and packages. Some of my libraries and ULP's are available on the CadSoft web site. My complete custom libraries, scripts and ULP's are available on the downloads page for public use.

I have strong analog, RF and high current layout experience (analog, audio, power supplies, amplifiers, switchers, drivers, etc). I also have strong digital micro controller based projects using a variety of processors by Atmel, Motorola, Microchip, Cirrus and many others. Some of my clients produce thousands of boards per year in consumer type products such as fire, gas, vapor and alarm systems. Many of the products are UL approved and in automated production by the thousands.

PCB Example

Schematic Capture

Schematic Edit

The most important part of any PCB design is a properly drawn schematic with correct nets and connections. Eagle provides the ERC to check drawings and net connections as you work, but skill and understanding of how the schematic editors works is critical to produce an accurate working design.

It's equally important to have all the proper library parts prepared when starting a new drawing/design. In many cases clients hire me to create any library parts needed when starting a new design. Or, I'm happy to create and/or capture schematic drawings for clients as well. I have extensive experience using all the editors and can help you get your library parts and drawings together quickly and accurately.

PCB Screenshot Image Gallery

You can view a some sample screenshot images from my layout portfolio online. These samples are arranged in no particular order and range from recent works to my earliest days with Eagle.


PCB Layout Samples

Libraries and Components

Lib Edit

After the release of Eagle 4.0 I decided to diverge and create my own global replacement part libraries based on the default libraries. I created ULP scripts to modify all of the default library silkscreen widths and text sizes globally. Afterwards, I spent a great deal of time hand editing LOTS of parts. Additionally I have modified nearly all of the IC packages and pad styles to give consistent results and appearance. In the process of working with clients I have added hundreds of new components and created many new libraries for commonly used modern parts.

Client specific or customized parts and components are generally placed in a client/project specific libraries if desired. Typically many of my clients download a fresh copy of my working set libraries and work with these during new project development. Any component updates or new updates are easily updated by exchanging modified libraries as needed. I keep master online and offline backups of everything available on my public github account.

Copper Pours

Board Edit

A good PCB designer must fully understand the use of polygons and the art of flowing copper pours. Nearly all power supply, regulator, high current paths, high-speed digital and noise sensitive circuits require the use of copper pours. Polygons and flow control work great in Eagle but mastering them requires experience. Modem SMD packages commonly make use of copper pours for thermal dissipation. Experienced PCB designers understand the proper use of polygons, creation of isolation regions, ranking and other design rule parameters that control the addition, subtraction and isolation regions of polygons.

Order Package

Fabrication drawings are provided in PDF format with each project as part of the PCB order package. The order package is a zipped archive that contains the final Gerber, BOM, pick & place data, fabrication drawing and any additional documentation needed by the PCB or contact manufacturer. A complete order package contains all the information needed by a board fabrication house to quote, order and assemble the final PCB.