• Pinnacle Technologies

    Pinnacle Technologies is a contractor for the Deep Space Network at the Goldstone radio radar facility in Goldstone California. Pinnacle Technologies is centered around the RF engineering and design talents of John MacConnell in El Dorado California. I've been very fortunate to work with John in the past and recently honored to assist with the PCB and enclosure design for his next generation radio radar receiver that will be used at the JPL Deep Space Network Goldstone radar site.

  • Brastan Railway and Infrastructure Products

    Brastan Railway and Infrastructure Products manufactures high quality railway and infrastructure products. These products include industrial strength mechanical and digital systems. We worked with Brastan on their digital telemetry systems for collection of real time data from railway systems. These projects included lots of digital power layout and power distribution for data collection and telemetry systems.

  • Arlyn Scales

    Arlyn Scales designs and builds the best industrial, veterinary and custom scales in the business. When it comes to industrial scales, Arlyn sets the standard. I've been lucky to work with Arlyn over many years and always enjoy working with their team. These guys are top notch designers, engineers and some of the best people around!

  • Trickfish Amplification

    Trickfish Amplification is dedicated to designing and building modern bass amplifiers and speaker cabinet designs for discerning bass guitar players. Their modern digital bass amplifier designs deliver high power in a small form factor while providing excellent tonal quality. It's been a great pleasure working with the Trickfish team as they design and build some of the most inovative new audio gear available in the industry.

  • Wireless Cables Inc

    Based in San Jose, California, Wireless Cables Inc designs, manufactures and sells patented long-range Bluetooth-based wireless devices for communication with smartphones, tablets, PCs under the brand name AIRcable.  

  • RTZ Professional Audio, LLC

    RTZ Professional Audio is small boutique professional audio manufacturing company that I started over 10 years ago. I designed all of the metal work and PCB's in all RTZ products with Eagle PCB and Geomagic 3D MCAD. Professional audio products require demanding performance and rugged design. Sensitive high gain audio circuits require careful attention to routing details and grounding. With many years of experience, I can apply this same level of detail to your designs as well!